Rose Milk (aka “Sweet Dreams” Milk)


WOW so good and so easy! Thanks

I made the cold version simply shaking all the ingredients mentioned and 2 ice cubes! I knew that I would love this as your recipes are always amazing!


1 cup whole milk or your favorite non-dairy unsweetened alternative (coconut milk for example)
1 tsp rose petal jam, or more to taste
1 pinch ground cardamom (small pinch!)
1 small whole cinnamon stick (not necessary but a nice touch)


Source: by CookGirl (Celestina)


2 thoughts on “Rose Milk (aka “Sweet Dreams” Milk)”

  1. I am not sure whether i will get the rose jam anywhere near me.
    If its the aroma
    I could use rose water/rose ittar and some sweetner?

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    I hope we get together and do some pleasant reading n blogging!


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